simplescience™ was created to enable you to build a high-tech
supplement stack with absolute control.

In the supplements market, one thing is for sure: supplement
users are increasingly well-informed, scientifically-literate, and more up to
date with cutting-edge research than ever before.

We created simplescience™ to put the power of
supplementation back into the hands of those who know themselves best: the
individual consumers.

That’s you.


We deliver studied ingredients in their purest forms.

simplescience™ offers mainly single-ingredient supplements rather than blends to give you complete control of your stack.

This is not common practice in the supplements market, where other companies only too often prioritise blends, mixing in cheaper ingredients to save on cost. These cocktails also create noise in terms of the consumer’s ability to assess what works and removes your control of your stack.

We put control back into your hands.

We provide the most up-to-date dosages.

We are living at an incredible moment in scientific research, especially in the areas of longevity, hormone optimisation, and exercise science. At simplescience™ we constantly update our range to keep pace with that research and to provide our products in the safest, most optimal, and best-researched dosages.

Only too often we see supplements on the market in dosages too low to be effective, or so high as to risk toxicity. Equally, we are frequently astonished at how often unscrupulous manufacturers claim impossible quantities, often listing milligram dosages exceeding the size of the largest possible capsules (600mg).

We offer verified, lab-tested dosages of precise ingredients.

We create unpatronising supplements for the intelligent consumer.

The supplements market—especially for men—is rife with low quality design. Only too often these supplements have names like ‘NO-Xplode Pre-workout’ or ‘Warrior Rage’, and would look most at home in a twelve-year-old WWF fan’s school locker. We believe that there is a coterie of intelligent
consumers who are not enticed by such appeals and want trustworthy supplementation
that looks good in the home.

We provide for those who take their supplementation seriously, and who know that simplicity is key.

simplescience™ supplements abide by the highest standards.

All of our products are rigorously lab-tested, and we include our COA (Certificate of Analysis) results for every product in the product pages so you can inspect them for yourselves. Our products are all produced bespoke for
us in facilities that are third-party monitored to the highest production protocols (HACCP and ISO 9000 Certification). Moreover, we also standardise almost all of our critical active ingredients, providing even more precise dosages, so you know just what you’re getting.

The supplements market is relatively unregulated, and cheap, unstandardised products with little or no active ingredient content are seen everywhere, without lab-testing, let alone standardisation. It is rare to see a COA, and standardised dosages are even rarer.

We provide complete transparency for our production process, so you know you’re getting expertly-manufactured supplementation.


The answer’s simple.


Hi, my name is Peter Leggatt, the director of simplescience™

I created simplescience™ primarily as a supplement user, after constant disappointment with the availability of the products I needed from sources I felt able to trust. I felt there was a gap in the market for science-based supplementation at the top end of quality.

As a serious amateur athlete passionate about powerlifting, I wanted to be able to create a stack based on the research papers, podcasts, fitness articles and online content that inform so much of the way I look after my mind and body.

So much high-quality information is available. I wanted to make available qually high-quality supplementation.

And since so much new research is constantly being published, I wanted to create a company that was responsive in its delivery of the most cutting-edge compounds to the market.

So I launched simplescience™

As a company, simplescience™ has two guiding principles:

1. Simplicity of product and design.

2. A basis in scientific research.

I believe these to be the essential keys to creating effective supplementation, and to any successful health regimen.

We are a relatively new player in the supplements scene, after launching in April 2023. Since then we have been amazed at the enormous demand for our products, which continues to prove our thesis that many people seem to care as much about quality supplementation as we do.

As a company we are wholly based in the UK, with our offices in London.

We hope you continue to support our journey to provide you with the highest-grade supplementation on the market today.

Peter Leggatt, Director

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